We are always on the look out for interesting, exciting and engaging Data Visualisations to inspire us to create our own so that we can give you a different perspective on ABS statistics. In line with this, we are constantly collaborating with other agencies to share our knowledge and experience. Featured below are a number of Data Visualisation links that demonstrate intuitive, captivating and refreshing Data Visualisations that we like.

If you find something else that inspires you, please share with us and let us know how we could apply it to our statistics.


ABS Presents...ABS Presents... is a series of videos developed by the ABS with a general interest and statistical literacy focus. The videos are intended to increase statistical literacy, to provide a visually accessible version of statistics, inform the community about ABS concepts, methods & work program, and showcase new products or surveys.

World Factbook DashboardThe World Factbook Dashboard is a graphical representation of C.I.A Factbook data from around the world using IBM ILOG Elixir and Adobe Flex technology. It includes synchronised interaction between the maps, gauges, treemaps, radars and 3D chart display.

OECD Better Life IndexThe OECD Better Life Index is an interactive tool that lets you visualise and compare 11 key factors against 34 countries, in the areas of material living conditions and the quality of life contributing to the well-being of societies.

Price KaleidoscopeThe Price Kaleidoscope developed by the Federal Statistical Office (Germany) is an interactive tool developed in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) which gives an overview of the price trends and weights of various product groups in the German consumer price index.

GeocommonsGeocommons is an open and accessible repository of data and maps of the world allowing users to create their own maps for visualising and analysing their own data.


Eager EyesFeaturing the best information design and data visualisation from the web, Daily Infographic is a daily dose of inspiration for interesting, engaging and thought provoking infographics.