BetaWorks Update!

This Project has been updated on BetaWorks with a new prototype


This timeline visualisation is expected to provide various areas of the ABS with opportunities to present sets of information in a new and interesting manner, The Historical Year Book and Census (HYBC) project is looking at utilising this visualisation to present a chronological set of historical information relating specifically to Census products prior to 1992, the Year Book Australia series back to 1908 and State Year Books series. The timeline visualisation will allow the presentation of historical statistical information alongside key events from Australian History.


Your input is sought on whether, in your opinion, this type of visualisation is easy to interpret, is able to be quickly understood / used; and is this a good way to present multiple data sources and events to you.

If you have suggestions on how this concept could be expanded / improved, whilst maintaining the ease of use the ABS would greatly appreciate your feedback. If you feel this visualisation does not meet the need, again we would greatly appreciate your ideas on how this concept could be modified or improved upon.