The ABS produces a wide range of statistics and publications that are readily accessible from the ABS website, but how much do you know about the surveys and questionnaires filled out by the millions of Australians and Australian businesses each year, capturing the information used to create a vital snapshot of Australia. Would you know where to find them?


Improving the discoverability of ABS surveys increases:

  • The transparency and integrity of ABS collection methods through promoting good statistical design and data management practices
  • Improved support for researchers and analysts
  • Public awareness of survey design, limitations and informed use of ABS survey outputs.


We have created a series of design mockups to garner public feedback on how best to make this service available to you, and gauge your level of interest. Please note that none of the indicated links within the mockups are active at this stage.

Please let us know what you think. Your feedback is very important to us and will help determine the success of this project.