The interactive Criminal Justice Framework based on the National Crime Justice Statistical Framework (4525.0) allows users to explore a range of ABS crime and justice data by following the adventures of a character "Guy Baddie" as he commits a crime and works his way through the Australian criminal justice system.

Users will have the opportunity to make decisions at certain points of the process about what happens to Guy Baddie. Images and audio clips are included to enhance the experience. Links are provided within the framework back to relevant ABS publications.

Prezi is used to animate the Criminal Justice Framework. The framework is hosted on the Prezi website and will be linked to from the Crime and Justice section of the ABS website.

We want to ensure the Crime and Justice framework is user friendly. Please tell us what you think about the:

  • instructions
  • audio
  • visuals
  • ease of use


The ABS develops tools to build the statistical literacy of its users.
Crime and justice statistics generate a high level of public interest but are theoretically complex.
By helping users to comprehend the statistical framework, we aim to reduce the misuse and misunderstanding of crime and justice statistics.


The planned release is in December 2012 in conjunction with the Prisoners in Australia (4517.0) Publication.