BetaWorks Update!

This Project has been updated on BetaWorks with a new prototype based on your valuable feedback. Thank you!

With more interest like this, we hope we can bring you data visualisations like these to the ABS website in the near future.


A few months ago we shared with you on BetaWorks the lightweight Data-Driven Documents (D3) JavaScript library for creating data visualisations. Thanks to those who shared with us other interesting data visualisation examples. Using a similar concept to a previous post, the CPI Kaleidoscope, we have used the D3 treemap to show the contribution of expenditure classes towards the total CPI.

This prototype has been tested in Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer 9 (Uncheck compatibility mode). Please avoid comments that alert us to browser issues as for the intention of this being a prototype we have not made browser compatibility essential.


There is no current release for this template as it is a proof of concept only, but dependant on demand this product may be developed further. What aspects of this concept did you find most beneficial? least beneficial?