ABS has developed a Population Clock Web Service enabling developers to create their own Population Clock.


We take pride in our data and stringently quality assure it so that we drive informed decision making in the Australian community. However, ABS recognises that it does not have to have a direct role in the informed decision making process. By providing tools that make our data easily consumable, interpretable and reusable, ABS can effectively partner with the developer community to help inform Australians about their nation. This provides a more sustainable, timely and cost effective information service to Australia. We see the development of this Population Clock web service as the first in a broader set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Many thanks for all your requests for an API over the years. You have spoken and we have listened.


The ABS is seeking your feedback in the next month. This will help determine improvements that could be made in the future and the value others can get from using this web service. We're also interested in your thoughts about other web services we could produce.

Please share your thoughts below on the Population Clock and other web services with us by end of July 2014.